Neet Seet

The Tool that restores VICTOR® tip seats to like-new condition!

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Brother Chuck Woods passed away in January 2019.

His son, Pete Woods, a 35-year Union craftsman is continuing to make available his father's NEET SEET tool for your convenience.

Missoula, Montana

Local 459 Member Develops "Neet Seet®"

Torch, Tips & Neet Seet

Brother Charles "Chuck" F. Woods is a 27-year member of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 4 59, Missoula, Montana, and he knows all too well the aggravating popping and backfire of the flame at the torch cutting tip and the occasional flame around the nut due to faulty seats.  The only solution was to over-tighten the torch head nut or get a new tip, because until now there was no tool to dress the damages seats.

After years of frustration with faulty tip seats that jeopardize workplace safety, quality production and increase operating expense, Brother Woods designed, developed and manufactured a cutting torch tip seat dressing tool named "Neet Seet®".

The "Neet Seet®" has a patented braze bonded diamond abrasive coating that quickly dresses all Victor series tips to a high quality fit and to a safe, reusable condition.  This ingenious, compact tool will last a lifetime, while it cuts costs, saves time and improves cutting performance, safety and production.

Brother Woods is president of the CW Engineered Products, which was established in 1992, Libby, Montana. "Neet Seet®" has been field tested with outstanding results.