Neet Seet

The Tool that restores VICTOR® tip seats to like-new condition!

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What is Neet Seet®?

The Tool that restores VICTOR tip seats to like-new condition!

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The great little tool that delivers great big rewards!

Greater Safety
Back-flash (popping of the flame) at the tip and fire around the nut are serious hazards that are usually caused by damage to the soft copper seating rings of the cutting tip. Damage is often caused by abrupt contact with a hard object, as with dropping or rattling around in a tool box.
Damaged seats allow oxygen and acetylene (or other fuels) to leak past the torch nut and or leak into the center oxygen passage.
Depending upon the severity and kind of leaking taking place, the welder can experience ignition of leaking gases at the nut, back-flash or popping of the flame at the orifice end, and even an explosion that can inflict severe injury on himself or fellow workers.
Time & Money Savings
Your operating expenses will be reduced when cutting tip seats are dressed.  Repeated over-tightening is no longer needed to stop gas leakage from a worn or damaged seat.  When torch head threads are damaged, repair or replacement of the torch head is then necessary, as well as replacement of the bad tip. Damaged VICTOR® cutting tips no longer need to be discarded. With NEET SEET®, tips can be quickly and accurately dressed and returned to safe, usable service within minutes. Typically, you'll see a greater-than-50% savings in equipment and replacement costs! And when you consider the fact that time is money, less downtime on your equipment means even more savings. (Refer to our cost comparison chart)
Greater Performance
Refaced seats make it easier for you to produce quality work. You'll notice improved cutting control and quality, with less chipping, grinding, and clean-up time.

Can Neet Seet® make your welding operation safer, more efficient, and more profitable?  Ask yourself these questions:

Neet Seet® is the perfect companion tool to your tip cleaner: Dress the tip seats as well as clean the tip orfices

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